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Step 03: Articles of Association

Al Tamimi & Company

Obtain approval for the Articles of Association from the Ministry of Business and Trade (sample Articles of Association for LLC type and single person company type can be found here).

The Articles should conform to the standard form prepared by the Ministry of Business and Trade (n/a in case of establishment). Such Articles of Association should include the following:


  1. The name of the company, including the phrase “Limited Liability” in case of companies.
  2. The address of its head office.
  3. Objectives.
  4. Fixed term of duration.
  5. The amount of its capital and the manner in which it has been subscribed.
  6. Restrictions upon transfer of shares (only applicable to companies).
  7. The names of shareholders and their nationalities and places of residence (only applicable to companies).
  8. The manner in which profits or losses will be distributed between the partners.
  9. The names of persons entrusted with the company's management.
  10. Capital structure.


Time period: One day

Government fee: 1,500 QR

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