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Where to get advice and Information Before You Start a Business in Qatar


There are a number of organisations in Qatar that can offer support such as training, access to finance and business advice to new SMEs.  These include the following:


  1. Qatar Development Bank
  2. Enterprise Qatar
  3. Qatar Business Incubation Center
  4. Bedaya
  5. ictQATAR
  6. Social Development Centre
  7. Business Publications
  8. Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  9. Qatari Businessmen Association
  10. Qatari Businesswomen Association
  11. Qatar University
  12. College of the North Atlantic - Qatar
  13. Carnegie Mellon University - Qatar
  14. Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar
  15. Stenden University Qatar


Additional information is provided here on several of these organisations.  If you would like us to provide updated or additional information on your organisation in this section please contact us at


 1. Qatar Development Bank (QDB)

QDB’s Advisory Services department provides business advisory support to start-up businesses and to existing businesses as and when they require assistance.

The advisory services provided or facilitated by QDB include:

  • Business counselling to start-up and exiting businesses.
  • Capacity building of entrepreneurs through workshops and seminars to enhance their skills.
  • Developing linkages with financial and non-financial support agencies. 

QDB also provides direct finance to SME and inndirect finance through the Al Dhameen Program. Al-Dhameen assists SMEs to obtain finance from other banks.  For more details on sources of capital in Qatar, Click here.


 2. Enterprise Qatar

  EQ supports projects through partnerships with renowned educational entities and provides a wide range of educational programs to build and refine administrative skills of entrepreneurs and owners of SMEs


Enterprise Qatart (EQ) is a one-stop-shop providing entrepreneurs and SMEs with the support that allows them to promote their capabilities, continue to build their businesses and successfully carry out their operations. EQ has developed several services to support the needs of entrepreneurs and SMEs including education, guidance, research, and financial facilities to assist them achieve their goals.


 3. Qatar Business Incubation Center

Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC) is a  leading business incubation center founded by a leading government Qatari institutions in Entrepreneurship (Qatar Development Bank, Social Development Center "SDC, Part of Qatar Foundation" and Enterprise Qatar) with the goal of developing the next 100 Million QAR companies in Qatar. QBIC empowers entrepreneurs to start and grow companies by developing, connecting, investing and incubating to become part of Qatar's new success stories.

QBIC's objectives are to develop Qatari companies through promoting entrepreneurship and best-in-class business ethics by closely providing and developing the next-generation of successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and creating and growing companies (start-ups and scale-ups) in Qatar.


 4. Bedaya for Entrepreneurship & Career Development



QDB and Silatech are joint founders of the Bedaya which aims to provide young people (aged 18-30) with a comprehensive range of professional services including Business Development Support Services, Post-Job Placement support and Counselling & Career Guidance.


 4. ictQATAR

The Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR) established an Incubation Centre to encourage young Qataris to start their own business in the digital content industry.  The Centre provides help for new companies through the commercial registration process and provides them with expert training and counselling.  The Centre also provides office space, conference facilities, telecoms services and business support, legal advice, accounting services, employee recruitment assistance and web hosting.  For further details contact the Incubation Centre at


 5. Social Development Centre

Social Development Centre is a not-for–profit development organisation which works to enhance social development through strategy based on developing human resources and improving people’s capabilities.  The assistance it provides to SME’s includes:

Tanmia: The Tanmia for SMEs is part of an integrated project that aims to encourage Qataris to establish SMEs as an effective income generating activity.  It does this by providing the following services to entrepreneurs:

  • Practical training and follow up services to potential entrepreneurs to enable them to identify and select a suitable business idea.  This is achieved through the Generate Your Business Idea (GYBI) program.
  • Training to help entrepreneurs to develop feasibility studies of their selected business ideas and prepare business plans.  This is done through the Start Your Business (SYB) program. 
  • Practical needs-based training courses in business management skills.  This is achieved through the Improve Your Business (IYB) program. 

Rasameel Fund: The Rasameel Fund provides support to Qataris who are pioneering new initiatives in handicraft projects.  It does this by offering the following services to beneficiaries: 

  • Interest free loans with easy terms.
  • Training for entrepreneurs.
  • Marketing support services for new projects.
  • Guidance and counselling.


 6. Business Publications


Private Sector Qatar magazine: QDB, in collaboration with Corporate Publishing International (CPI), brings out Private Sector, a monthly magazine which is aimed at business owners and senior executives in the private sector in Qatar. The magazine provides the reader with practical advice and highlights key issues for business decision makers and entrepreneurs.


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