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How to Get Finance From Banks in Qatar


When seeking finance from a bank it is vital that the owner of an SME is well prepared.  A bank is far more likely to be prepared to provide finance to the owner of an SME who can talk authoritatively about his business and can supply all necessary documentation to assist the bank to make a decision.  The general approach to obtaining finance from banks can be applied to Qatar; however it is important to know the information typically requested by Qatar banks as this is not necessarily the same as would be the case elsewhere.  

With a company that has been in operation for some time the bank will want to see details of how the business has performed to date and its financial projections.  In the case of a brand new start-up, the decision whether or not to provide finance will be based on the business plan, the cash flow forecast and any evidence that the owner can provide to demonstrate that the business will be a success.  This evidence could be the owner’s successful track record in other businesses, advance customer sales and enquiries, or the level of investment being made by the owner and other investors.  Based on discussions with several leading banks in Qatar, a start-up SME or a growing SME seeking a loan could typically expect to be asked to provide some or all of the information shown below.


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