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Sample Request for Proposals

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Requesting proposals before purchasing an item/s for your organization is common practice. Any item which may require a good amount of investment on the organization’s part or an item that will play a key role in the smooth operation of you organization requires, that one be able to buy the best product available for the lowest rates possible.

Doing it correctly so as to be able to get the information that you require and at the same time be able to make comparisons using the information given by the vendors requires that you, who is calling for the request for proposals (RFP) be precise as to what you are looking for. Asking for the correct information is important, while asking the information be presented to you in a certain manner is also just as important. You do not want to be spending time fishing through each proposal looking for key information. A format should be provided so that you know exactly where to go to find the exact information.

Following is an example of an RFP for a telephone system for a middle-sized organization. This organization although medium sized relies heavily on their telephone system for productive business operations.

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