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Minimizing Waste and Water Waste: Installation of a Flow Meter and Dispensing of Chemical Supplies for Processing

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Tannery AUSTRAL SRL, Perú

In brief

The tannery CURTIEMBRE AUSTRAL SRL is a company that has developed progressively during the last few years. It is working with the production of fur and leather for the footwear industry. In this process, the existence of effluent dissolved mineral salts is inevitable. AUSTRAL has identified and projected the following activities: Installation of a meter and dispenser for chemical inputs for one of its machines. The necessary investment was QR 3,352, with a payback time of 6 months. This measure is being complemented with other strategies related to environmental improvements that the company has implemented.

The challenge            

In the process of producing fur, loss of the chemicals that are necessary for the process is taking place. The loss is normally not quantified, since it is considered a routine process and no one has ever considered that fewer chemicals could be used.

Actions taken within the enterprise (after application of the GHK guide)

Installation of a meter for dosage of chemicals;

Adequacy of processing areas to be able to reuse effluents;

Improvement of infrastructure for occupational safety of the workers.

Economic benefits

Operational costs


No additional costs

Net cost savings

QR 3,352

For the reduction of around 10% of the loss of chemicals and recycling of effluent waters.

Investment costs

QR 3,000

Installation of a meter that measures the dosage of chemicals

Payback time

2.33 months


Environmental benefits

These measures reduced total water consumption by 50%. They also led to a 10% reduction in the cost of chemicals. With the reduction of waste water, the negative environmental impacts through contaminated water are reduced.

Organizational benefits

Through these measures, the company raises employee awareness of the importance of conserving the environment, especially water. 

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