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Decreasing Water Consumption: Water Saving Through Better Consumption Control

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A Graphic Design Company in Mexico

In brief

The graphic design company realized that water is used inefficiently and that there is a potential to reduce the excessive use of development solutions, conditioner and nitric acid in the production process.

For this reason the company decided to buy a hose with a water saving device, replacing the old wash tub and thus saving water, money and reducing waste water.

The challenge

Washing of the engraved metal plates is one of the phases where the excessive water loss is most obvious. The plates were just put under the tap to take away the excess of development substances. In many cases, the washing procedure had to be repeated several times.

Actions taken within the enterprise (after the application of the PREMA GHK guide)

Purchase of a hose with a water-saving device;

Awareness raising about the use and maintenance of the hose;

Use of the pressure washer.

Environmental benefits

More than 6400 liters of water have been saved through the use of the hose, which leads to less waste water.

Economic benefits

Investment cost

QR 5,5

Purchase of the hose

Operational costs



Cost Savings/month

QR 8

Through the reduction of water use

Payback period

Less than a month


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