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Do's and don’ts of being an entrepreneur/ startup in Qatar

Private Sector Magazine

What are the do’s and don’ts of being an entrepreneur or a startup in Qatar?

Razan Suliman, founder and CEO of BYLENS, gives as some tips on starting a business in Qatar.



  • Start something, a Website, a group – whatever you prefer. Action is what counts, so take action, even if it’s not a very significant progress towards your business. This step would get the ball rolling. Try it!
  • Get rid of all your debts. This is very important because you don’t want to be in debt when starting your business. Since you will have many things to worry about in your business, you might very well need occasional credit card swipes to support your business. Thus, the last thing you need to hear is a call from your bank or collector.
  • Solve a problem. To find out what is business, look at the current players and their services, interview a few customers and identify a problem or issue with current product and service. Then, solve it.Network. Talk to anyone and everyone, tell them about your business when they ask what you do. Soon, you’ll master your business pitch and be connected to lots of people, because you never know who you’ll bump into.



  • Wait for the perfect time, it’s an illusion. Tell me about one thing you did in perfect time? ¦Perfect timing doesn’t exist. It’s either now or never. What’s your pick?
  • Hire friends unless they are equally, if not more, excited and motivated for the business. Enough said.
  • Try to do it all by yourself. No one can. So, learn the art of delegation and outsourcing.


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