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Exporting Frozen Food

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Qatar’s food and beverages sector holds a lot of potential for both manufacturers and exporters. If you have been wondering how and where to plan the export of these kinds of products, pay attention to TASDEER’s analysis of export opportunities for frozen meat.


The frozen meat products are consumed in bulk quantities all over the world. The consumption pattern, however, varies depending on the cultural or religious preferences.

Qatar’s frozen meat products’ export consists of chicken, mutton and beef range. The key HS codes applicable for exports are:

  • Beef range 020230 (bovine cuts, boneless, frozen).
  • Chicken range 020714 (fowls, which are known as gallus domesticus, cuts and offal, frozen).
  • Mutton range 020443 (sheep cuts, boneless, frozen).

Currently, National Food Company is the biggest manufacturer and exporter of these products in Qatar. It accounts for a major share of exports that is happening in this category at the moment. Having being founded in Doha in 1990, it provides the best quality meat products.

Other Qatari manufacturers of frozen meat are Mawashi and Qatar Meat Production Company. These companies also have tremendous potential for exports.

Global imports grew from approximately QR 75.5 billion in 2009 to reach approximately QR 105 billion in 2011. Asia, except the GCC region, is the largest import market with 48% share. Europe is the second largest import market with approximately 31% share of world imports.

Import demand in Europe is quite fragmented with Russia being the largest market with 30% share. Other key markets include France, UK, Germany, and so on.

In the GCC region, the imports are dominated by Saudi Arabia with 46% share of the total GCC imports. The UAE is the second largest importer with 29% share of imports for frozen meat.

Qatari exporters have tremendous opportunity to grow their export businesses in these import markets.


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