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25. How will people find you?

Provided by Steffan Klein and, Content Partner for the SME Toolkit

People will not find your business on the Internet, unless you make it easy for them.

One of the most important marketing tools you will need was explained to you in the last chapter. Your own Internet address. But getting such an address - and making it one that can easily be remembered -  is only the first task of your Internet marketing effort. Once you have it, you will have to let people on the Internet know how to find you.

In the real world you could do this by placing an add in the Yellow Pages. On the Internet there is a much cheaper alternative: the search engines.

Your task is to ensure your shop comes up in search engines, when someone searches for a product you offer.

This requires you to list your site with search engines. Most search engines such as Alta Vista, Google or Yahoo allow you to do this by filling in a form on their site. As there really are only 10 or so major international search engines and some that may be specific to your country, it is not a huge task.

By letting these search engines know your shop address, you are inviting them to your site. They will index your site so it can be found and displayed when someone searches.

To rank well in search results, you must provide special search result text in your shop, so called Meta Tags. This is easy. All you have to do is fill in the appropriate fields in your shop building software. Good software such as ShopFactory should then automatically integrate it in your pages.

Here are some of the more important search engines:


Alta Vista





Web Crawler

MSN Search

Look Smart

24. Let people know you exist      26. Search engines

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