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SMS Features

Receiving updates on a mobile phone


When you register to become a member, certain SME Toolkit sites may offer options to enter your mobile number and opt in to receive broadcast messages via SMS.  Note - You can sign up for SMS features without opting in to receive broadcasts.  In this case the Toolkit will only send messages relating to content you have actively subscribed to.

The SME Toolkit site may limit the location of your mobile phone by country code.

Once you have registered and confirmed you email address, we will send your mobile phone a confirmation number that you will need to enter on your “My Profile” page to activate your mobile phone.

SMS Features

Once you have completed setup for your mobile phone you can subscribe to certain content items to receive instant updates whenever they are updated and subscribe to RSS feeds available on the site to receive a notification anytime an item in the feed updates.

SMS Subscription content

If the content you are viewing can be subscribed to you, you will see a “Subscribe” button.  Once subscribed, you can see a list of all content items you have subscribed to you on your “My Profile” page.

RSS Updates

To subscribe to an RSS feed via your mobile phone, visit the feeds page for the site and see the list of available feeds.  To unsubscribe, visit the feeds page again and click the “Unsubscribe” link for any categories you wish to unsubscribe from.

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