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Small Business Finance: Maximize your Company's Income

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Increased sales don't always mean increased profits. That's because a sale one month may not mean a payment until several months later. Maximizing income becomes even more difficult when the revenue is seasonal, or only from one customer. In this section we'll look at common income issues and prescribe some cash flow solutions.

Profits, income and pricing.
The distinction between profits, income and pricing affects your cash on hand.

Extending credit.

Learn when and how to extend credit to your customers.

Get paid quickly.
Sometimes the biggest challenge for a small business owner comes in the final stage of a transaction—the part when the customer is supposed to give you the money.

When income is from One customer.
Whether by choice or circumstances, some businesses must place all their eggs in one customer's basket. Are you aware of the risks?

When income is seasonal.
How do businesses deal with seasonal income?

When income is from an insurer.
What to do if you rely on insurers for payment?

Diversify your income.

Diversification comes in many colors. Are any of them right for your business?

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